Delivered by Imperva/Incapsula

Local Server Load Balancing

Incapsula supports a wide variety of load balancing methods to optimize traffic distribution across servers, maximizing application performance and reducing server load.
Users may choose from a range of sophisticated traffic distribution algorithms, with or without a “persistence override” option. Real-time server health and performance checks are used to rapidly detect outages and eliminate downtime. In the event of web server failure, Incapsula stops routing traffic to it. As soon as the web server resumes operation, traffic begins to be forwarded to it.

Automatic Site Failover

Incapsula’s service supports automatic failover between primary and secondary sites to enable high availability and accelerate disaster recovery. As soon as Incapsula detects that the primary site has gone down, it automatically kick-starts your standby data center.

Global Server Load Balancing

The days of IPv4 are drawing to an end; we are now witnessing the distribution of its few remaining addresses. Consequently, dual-stack support for both IPv4 and IPv6 has become increasingly important to the success of your business and your content availability.

Using Incapsula CDN automatically enables IPv6 support for all of your websites and web applications, instantly providing you with the performance, compliancy and business advantages of dual-stack IPv4+IPv6 delivery.

Real-Time Dashboards

Incapsula allows you to monitor all your traffic in real time and verify that your traffic is balanced correctly between the different servers. Real time monitoring also allows you to identify and correct issues as they happen and before they have an impact on your websites.