Web Security and DDoS Protection

Delivered by Imperva/Incapsula

Whether you need a web application firewall or DDoS protection, CDN, load balancing or Failover solutions, Incapsula’s got you covered. Imperva/Incapsula’s inclusive, cloud-based solution allows online businesses to simplify their IT operations and reduce costs by consolidating multiple services and appliances into a single enterprise-grade cloud service.

Ddos Protection

Imperva / Incapsula’s DDoS Protection is capable of mitigating all types of DDoS attacks, targeting any type of online service.

  • Available as an always-on or on-demand service.
  • Powerful network of globally positioned data centers.
  • Application (Layer 7) and Network (Layers 3, 4) DDoS protection.
  • Blanket DDoS protection for all types of services (UDP/TCP, SMTP, FTP, SSH, VoIP, etc).
  • Backed by a 24×7 security team and a 99.999% uptime SLA.
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Website Security

Unmatched web application security experience, enhanced by real-time big data analytics, enables Incapsula to provide best-of-breed security to the world’s most security-conscious businesses. Our website security solution redefines and extends the WAF beyond traditional concepts. In addition to our enterprise-grade, PCI-certified WAF, Incapsula’s service also includes backdoor protection, two-factor authentication, and bot access control.

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Content Delivery Network (CDN)

The imperva/ Incapsula Content Delivery Network (CDN) is a globally distributed system of data centers that uses intelligent caching and cache control options, as well as content and network optimization tools to make your website and web application run faster than ever before.

On average, websites using the Incapsula CDN are 50% fasterand consume up to 70% less bandwidth

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Load Balancing

Imperva/ Incapsula’s Layer 7 Load Balancing & Failover service enables organizations to replace their costly appliances with an enterprise-grade cloud-based solution.
The service supports all in-datacenter and cross-datacenter high availability scenarios.
Incapsula also provides real-time health monitoring to ensure that traffic is always routed to a viable web server.

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