Digital Performance Management

Delivered by New Relic

Digital Intelligence Platform is designed to help modern IT, development, operations, product, and executive teams see their digital businesses more clearly. With instant end-to-end visibility across your customer experience, application performance, and dynamic infrastructure, the New Relic Digital Intelligence Platform can help you improve your product, improve your business, and keep customers happy.

Application Monitoring

Is it your application or the network that’s slowing you down? New Relic APM gives you grouped views for quick-diagnosis of domain-level problems. Drill down into specific requests to see performance metrics by response time, throughput, and data transfer size.

  • Application Monitoring in one place allows you to see your application performance trends , page load times, error rates, slow transactions, and a list of servers running the app
  • Database monitoring provides a detailed overview of your database performance
  • Create and receive customized reports that are just as easy to read as they are to share
  • Get visibility into your microservice architectures and understand how your distributed apps and services are performing with auto generated Service Map

Browser Performance

New Relic Browser is the only real user monitoring product that gives you everything you need full visibility into the complete web page lifecycle for modern browser-side applications

  • Around 90% of a web page’s load time is accounted for on the front-end. New Relic Browser takes advantage of this opportunity to improve browser-side performance and offers powerful performance insights.
  • Optimize for what’s happening in the real world. New Relic Browser gives you historical context into the experience actual users have with your browser-side applications.
  • Understand your Single Page App, no matter the framework
  • Get your front-end optimization (FEO) initiatives off the ground more easily with rich browser-side performance data on par with offerings similar to those long available to server-side engineering teams.

Mobile Performance Monitoring

Maintaining mobile applications in their fragmented production ecosystems is a challenging, energy-sapping task. New Relic’s mobile APM (mAPM) toolset brings performance data to the surface to help teams focus on ensuring users are getting a great experience.

  • See how services are affecting your app.
  • Diagnose performance by operating systems, devices, and versions.
  • Discover regions affected by poor app performance
  • Know how your app runs on each carrier’s network.

New Relic Insights

With New Relic Insights, you get a wide variety of methods to analyze and present custom, real-time data visualizations. Watch your data streaming in from one of our products, or from other applications—even without a New Relic agent installed.

  • Data is collected automatically from New Relic’s products.
  • Default attributes are added to event data. You can also add your own custom attributes!
  • Data is queried in real-time using NRQL, our SQL-like query language or via a point-and-click Data Explorer for deeper analysis, segmentation, and filtering.
  • Custom, interactive dashboards can be created and shared with your team gives you a powerful array of capabilities and visualizations for analyzing your data in real-time.

New Relic Synthetics

New Relic Synthetics allows you to monitor and test your apps and address issues before they affect your end users. Explore everything from easy-to-read waterfall charts and test results to detailed downtime and error reports.

  • Monitor business-critical functionality and ensure that important transactions are taking place error-free with customized testing.
  • In-depth troubleshooting metrics to resolve problems and bugs in your app.
  • Monitoring your data doesn’t just happen post-launch.
  • Always –On Service Alert.

Infrastructure Monitoring

By using New Relic APM and Infrastructure together, you get a comprehensive view of the health of your servers and hosts as well as the applications and services they depend on—creating shared context for development and ops teams.

  • Streamline your DevOps workflows with today’s collaboration software and orchestration tools like Puppet, Chef, and Ansible. View, tag, and drill into the performance of container deployments including Kubernetes and Docker and get a complete view of your dynamic environment.
  • Full search of all your hosts that makes it easy to find vulnerable packages—or anything else—in seconds.
  • Pull information from the on-host services you depend on, including MySQL, NGINX, Apache Cassandra, and more.
  • Monitor and optimize the most popular services from cloud vendors including Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud Platform (GCP), and Microsoft Azure.